We are operating a grouped delivery system through Freetown Rentals, which is a third party company.  Cargo recipients with fully paid invoices will be contacted for address and invoice number verificaiton 12 hours prior to the delivery date. We encourage every customer to cooperate with the delivery team, make all necessary arrangement to ensure a smooth delivery. If for any reason a customer missed the delivery due to their own fault, they must arrange to pick up their goods. Those who missed the delivery due to no fault of their own, must call Freetown Rentals to reschedule for the following week delivery. Pickups are strictly by appointment; Customers must call to set up an appointment 24 hour prior to pick up. Pick up hours are Between 10am to 4:30pm WEDNESDAYS ONLY. Please advise your recipients not show up at the Freetown Office without appointment. Our Warehouse is located outside of  Freetown for safety reasons, the cargo needs to be transport into Freetown for pickup. Customers are encouraged to thoroughly inspect their cargo prior to pick up, the company will not be liable for any damages that may occur during transit from our warehouse to the customer’s residence.                           

Delivery service has been extended to the following towns and cities,

  1. Mile 38
  2. Gberre Junction
  3. Lunsar
  4. Makeni
  5. Masiaka
  6. Mile 91
  7.  Moyamba Junction
  8. Tiama Junction
  9. Njala
  10. Bo Town
  11. Kenema
  12. Lungi and its main junction towns

all the Towns located along these highways have been incorporated also for discounted rates. Provincial delivery is also a grouped delivery service, Royalserry shipping will not refund delivery fees if the customer cancels or failed to make a timely payment. Customer will be responsible to pick up their items from our Freetown office without refund if they failed to make full payment 10 days prior to the arrival of the vessel at the port of Freetown. 

Please note the free delivery service within the city of Freetown is limited only customers who have made full payment of their invoices 10 days prior to the arrival of the cargo in Freetown. There will be no exception to this rule, delivery of goods must be arranged and agreed on here in the United States. We will absolutely make no changes once the cargo arrives in Freetown.

Delivery vehicles are NOT ALLOWED to go into bad roads, unpaved roads, or dangerous corners. The delivery team MAY assist the customer by using hand trucks to deliver the goods. Staff are only allowed to bring the goods to the front doors of buildings, they are not allowed to enter buildings due to safety and security reasons.

  • Recipients must contact Freetown Rentals or Royalserry Shipping Customer Service upon the arrival of the vessel in Freetown to verify and book their delivery, they should be ready to present their invoice number and a proper form of identification and address when requested by staff. The Same protocol will be repeated during delivery, Customers must present a proper form of identification with their invoice number and complete the cargo release form before goods can be released.    
  • The delivery team is not allowed to enter buildings or houses due to security reasons, customers are encouraged to make all necessary arrangement prior to the arrival of the team. Please encourage your recipients to thoroughly inspect all cargo before signing the cargo release form. If there are any concerns or issues related to the integrity of the cargo, we encourage them to refuse the cargo and immediately file a complaint. The delivery team will return the cargo to our warehouse for an Investigation. 

Please note that FREETOWN RENTALS is third party company and they will only make one attempt to deliver goods; if the customer is uncooperative or the address is inaccurate, and the sender is unreachable, the goods will be returned to Abu Enterprise for the customer to pick up at their own expense.

                      ROYALSERRY SHIPPING CUSTOMER SERVICE: ----079-87-7587 or 033-84-9548